Garden Roof Systems offer the Greenest Roofing option available.

Garden Roof Systems are a combination of traditional waterproof roofing systems combined with living plants. They are energy saving, earth-friendly, as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Garden Roof Systems reduce maintenance while extending the lifetime of the roof by 100% to 200% because they protect the rooftop from the sun's ultraviolet rays, large temperature variations, winds, and punctures.

Significant energy savings are associated with Garden Roof Systems, particularly during the summer cooling season in which single story buildings can experience a reduction of greater than 25% energy use. Plants transform heat and soil moisture into humidity, to create natural cooling through evaporation.

In urban areas, impermeable surfaces (streets, sidewalks, rooftops etc.) dominate the landscape, preventing rainwater from following a natural cycle of absorption. Instead, as much as 75% of the rainwater runs into sewer systems. Garden Roof Systems greatly reduce the need for storm water management, thus, lowering the cost of new construction in urban areas.

KC Green Roofing is a certified Live Roof Hybrid Green Roof Systems installer.

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