Commercial Roofs

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Cool Roofs

One of the most cost-efficient green roofing systems are cool roof systems. These roofing systems consist of a white membrane that reflects the damaging UV rays of the sun.

  • Initial Cost: Cost-competitive with traditional non-green roofing systems such as black EPDM rubber roofs.
  • Energy Savings: The white roof surface reflects up to 87.5% of the sun's UV rays off the roof, rather than absorbing the heat and transferring it into the building. Roof temperatures stay at ambient levels as opposed to temperatures as high as 160 degrees with black roof systems. This reflectivity not only greatly reduces your cooling costs during warm weather but also greatly reduces damage that the suns rays can do to your roof over time. Cool roofs also help to reduce the urban heat island effect.
  • Green Building Benefits: The white membranes we install are Energy Star® rated products. A Cool Roof system can also be used to obtain LEED® credits for your facility.
  • Durability: The white roof membrane's polyester scrim reinforcement is significantly more resistant to tears and punctures over conventional black EPDM roof systems.
  • Best Seam in the Business: - White roof systems offer the greatest seam integrity in the marketplace. These seams are welded by hot air and the membrane is literally fused together, removing the need for tapes or adhesives. Since glues and tapes eventually deteriorate and fail, laps in traditional black roof systems will fail long before the membrane does and are far more susceptible to leaks. With a white rubber roof, the heat welded seams will never deteriorate.
  • Chemical & Fire Resistance: - resistant to industrial chemicals, grease, animal fats, oil-based solutions. Membrane materials are fire resistant.
  • Maintenance: Virtually maintenance-free!
  • Warranties: We offer the best warranties in the business. 15, 20 and 30 year warranties are available.

Other Commercial Roof Systems

KC Green Roofing also has experience in all types of traditional roof systems so matter what your needs or situations, we can help. These include EPDM Rubber, BUR Asphalt, Shingle and Metal Roof Systems.


Building codes have become increasingly more stringent. KC Green Roofing can upgrade your existing insulation during a roofing replacement to meet the current building codes. Not only will this help control the temperatures inside your building but can also reduce your carbon footprint and lower your heating and cooling costs.


We handle all permits and paperwork for you to ensure that your roof is installed to code. In addition, we follow OSHA safety standards, so our roofers will be harnessed when the roof pitch requires. As a business, you are responsible for any accidents that may occur, which is why we are fully bonded and insured to protect you from liability.

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